About our agency.

OUNTI is part of OUNTI GROUP SL, founded in 2014. We don't just do our job, we make people's lives easier. Although our agency is based in Spain, we have in our team digital professionals from several countries around the world such as: Germany, England, Spain, Lithuania and Russia, in order to offer our clients the best service as an international agency.

Trust is important

To develop a project is to innovate together, to deploy greater agility and to share together a commitment to the centrality of the end customer. What should unite us is trust and sharing challenges. By understanding these concepts, the project flows better and the best results are always obtained.

This is what we do

Why are we an international web agency?

Apart from having an international team, we have clients from different countries, we develop tailor-made projects thinking about the audiences of the countries where our clients operate.


Years in the market


Finished projects



Thanks to our principles we are adding more and more satisfied customers.


We treat the resolution of the problems based on our experience and the necessary requirements of each project, to help the client take the most appropriate path.


With us you can be sure that your project will be completed on time. We respect the times specified in the development, because time is the key.


Thanks to our experience, we know how to see from various points of view: supplier, company and customer. This allows us to get the most out of you.


Each project requires the attention necessary to understand its needs and find the best way to make it a reality. This is why we like to make calls, emails and meetings with you to work out all the details before we start. In the end we will save a lot of time in the production of your project.

Our tools

The best tools are needed to develop any project. We show you some of them in which we are experts.

Are you interested or do you have any questions?

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