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A website has to be perfect for your business. From the functioning and operation, to the design as the best claim of it. We are able to create the best experience of a website, you just have to tell us what you need to make it a reality.

Online Marketing

Professional promotion of the business on the Internet. Customisation and optimisation of contextual and banner ads. Management of Google Ads and Yandex Direct accounts.

Data analysis

Analyzing information that has thousands of records is not easy. Above all, knowing that a mistake in processing can cause wrong conclusions that can lead to losses or decision making in the wrong direction. To avoid these problems, we apply data science.

Automation and Optimization

This is the key to any business that is growing or has already grown so much that it needs to expand its workforce. Often, by reorganising processes you can increase performance with the same or lower staffing levels. At OUNTI we make different automation tools, which allow for improved performance, as well as for a reduction in operating costs.

We care about your satisfaction

What we value most is our relationship with you. For us it is essential that you are satisfied and that we can work together for many years.

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