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Web content management system (CMS) based on Django framework (Pytho…




Python, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Django


English, Russian, Spanish

Web content management system (CMS) based on Django framework (Python) developed by our agency for corporate projects focused on e-commerce. 

A content management system or CMS is a computer programme that allows the creation of a working environment for the creation and administration of content, mainly on web pages, by administrators, editors, participants and others. With its focus on e-commerce, our CMS provides numerous options for OUNTI eCommerce will allow you to easily manage your online shop, once delivered. By default our CMS includes necessary functionalities:

Part of the website:

  • Manage forms
  • Manage pages
  • Manage blog and posts
  • Slider slideshow management


Part of the online shop:

  • Product management
  • Product category management
  • Customer management
  • Address management
  • User management
  • Order management
  • Block exports (reports, products, stock, pdf invoices, etc.)
  • Management of shipping methods 
  • Management of payment methods
  • Promotional codes/discounts management
  • Informative panel
  • Weekly shop performance reports
  • Returns management
  • Advanced stock
  • Stock product management
  • Stock operations: issues, receipts, internal transfers
  • Multiple stock management
  • Recording of stock transactions
  • Stock counts
  • B2B, B2C - Change of price and shipping/payment conditions, depending on the type of customer.

The major advantage of OUNTI eCommerce is its flexibility, speed, security and orientation towards shops with complex functionalities. OUNTI eCommerce is customised to the needs of each client.


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