Auto Trader App

• Jan. 5, 2021, 5:38 p.m.

Auto Trader App is an application for OUNTI CMS, for stock management of dealership.

This application allows us: 

-Publish vehicles

-Manage reservations

-Creating Models and Manufacturers

Step by step guide.

Publish vehicles. 

1) Go to the side menu "Dealer" --> "Cars"

2) Click on the "Add Car" button in the upper right-hand corner.

3) Fill in the following fields:

· Title - Title that will appear to users, it is a clean field that allows to make publication more attractive. 
· Status - Choose between "For sale", "Reserved", "Sold". Only if the car is in "For Sale" status can the reservation be made.
· Manufacturer and model - In this field we have to select only the model, if manufacturer is assigned and is superior. Otherwise, click on + to create the manufacturer (if there is a manufacturer, enter the model name and select the manufacturer in the "Parent" field), then click on + again to enter the model name and select the manufacturer you created in the "Parent" field. 
· Selling price - We set the retail price of the vehicle
· Monthly payment - We set a minimum price for monthly financing
· HP
· Year - Year of manufacture
· KM
· Transmission 
· Fuel 
· Type of body
· Seats
· Doors
· Description
· Internal comment - This is a private field, not visible to site visitors. It can be used for internal notes.
· Image - Drag the main image of the vehicle into this field, just one. 
· Video - Insert the code of the uploaded video in Youtube as specified in the description. 
· Vehicle file - Field for attachment, so that the site visitor can download it. 
· Reference - Reference, is generated automatically, but can be edited. 
· Available - If we uncheck the box, site visitors will not see the vehicle, so it can be hidden without the need to delete it. 
Once the fields have been completed, click on "Save".

4) Now we upload the images of the vehicle for gallery. Once the vehicle has been engraved, a list of vehicles appears with a thumbnail of the main image. If we click on it, it will not be redirected to the folder of the vehicle, where we can drag all the images to upload them and make them appear with the vehicle.

5) Ready

Checking the reservation.

If a visitor to the site makes a reservation, you will receive an e-mail with the confirmation, and the visitor will receive it as well. If at any time there is no possibility to check the email, you can see the booking section. In the side menu, "Dealer" → "Reservations".

Once the reservation is made, the reserved vehicle automatically changes from "For Sale" to "Reserved" status.

It is also recommended to check if the amount paid is recorded on the Stripe

Return of the reservation 

If we make the return, we need to access the Stripe account, to make the refund of the amount paid. Read more

Also, we need to change the status of the vehicle from "Reserved" to "For Sale".